Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Episode 8: Conviction of Things Not Seen

MP3 file: Conviction of Things Not Seen (13 MB)
Supercollider file: eyeballsun_090824_1.rtf (4K)

This is the last thing I was working on before my computer died in early 2007. I've got a new computer now, powerful enough to run supercollider at last. I was almost finished back then, so I only did a few tweaks to this before recording it.

"Things Not Seen" has the same kind of setup as "Our Lord Sprang Out," with a simple blip on the downbeat feeding a long chain of rhythmic delays. Where Episode 7 used feedback synthesis (resonators, filters, and ring modulator), Episode 8 uses a looping sample of cabaret music. There's vocals, drums, piano, accordion and wind instruments in there.

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