Monday, June 05, 2006

Episode 2: We Are the Clay

mp3 file: We Are the Clay (5.4M)

I figured out how to make percussive noises with feedback. The trick is to shut the level of each feedback channel way down whenever it makes a noise, and boost it way up whenever it doesn't. To make a rhythm, I added a delay so the boost waits for a specified time before starting another cycle.

Some notes on running the Supercollider patch: In order to reduce duplication, I've moved some of the code into a class called FeedbackMatrix. To run this episode's patch in Supercollider:
  • Download and
  • Go into your SuperCollider directory, and create a subdirectory under SCClassLibrary. Call it eyeballsunClasses.
  • Put in eyeballsunClasses.
  • If Supercollider is running, recompile the libraries.
  • Open in Supercollider and execute each block in order.

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